Christian Soteriology, the Human Soul and Eternity: Challenges of Modern Heresies


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This Festschrift marks the 70th birthday Anniversary of Dr. Josephine O. Soboyejo, a deserving academic icon who has proved herself a worthy ambassador in the Philosophy of Religion & Theology. It contains the perspectives of Twenty-One Biblical Scholars, Theologians, and Christian Philosophers on the Immortality of the human soul and the role of Jesus Christ in the salvation story. The thrust of the Festschrift, in a well-written and researched Eighteen Chapters, is to marshal philosophical arguments and scientific and historical evidence for the Christian faith and develop an apologetic case for the Christian belief that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the human soul. In essence, it clarifies the misunderstandings and misrepresentation of some people and unsettling specific objections, criticisms, or questions about Jesus Christ. This book, therefore, provides the eternal and settled truth of the Bible on soteriology as opposed to human thoughts, beliefs, and propositions that many times are agents or errors. The book is a must-read for contemporary theologians and the faithful who should give informed reasons for their lives and beliefs, including pastors and ministers of God. Still, it will also serve as a resource material for teachers, lecturers, and students in Seminaries and Universities. It will also assist growing Christians and leaders of Christian churches who may doubt the authenticity of God’s words as it relates to the theme of this book.

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