The Nigerian federation is not working and cannot work in its present form because we have a sharing federation. Nigeria federation cannot succeed as a productive nation because it is not designed to produce. Nigeria needs to be unbundled to create a productive federation where all parts can produce and contribute not equally but in equal strength.

Nigeria has defied all attempts to reform her because of the Nigerian character. Most of the states of the Federation are bankrupt and only waiting for dole-out funds from the National purse. I have never seen the U.S. Governors rushing to Washington to meet Obama like our own governors rushing to Abuja to meet the president. My candid belief is in Modulated & Controlled Phasiac Decentralization: Decentralization is desirable in Nigeria that is, having ‘state police’ and vital public services like education, health, water, electricity etc becoming the responsibility of governors and local governments. Decentralization can be high threat or high recompense depending on a state’s resources and leadership style. It can also aggravate regional resentment. But decentralization fast-track innovation and helps democracy grow. It also keeps culture alive. From examples all over the global world despite the absence of a workable data, decentralization is good and needs careful fine-tuning to work perfectly well. A true Democratic Government is what Nigerians deserve. A developed or developing nation must operate people-driven-democracy and achieve free and fair elections at all levels of governance. A true democratic government will lead to Egalitarian Society (equality of all citizens). An egalitarian society gives everyone equal rights. This is also a social philosophy advocating the removal of economic inequalities between individuals as well as groups of people.

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