Ten Rules for the Road: Rule Six

Rule No. 6

Life Is Fragile- Handle With Care

  1. Describe one of your favorite birthdays (the celebration of your life).
  2. Why do Christians believe that life is sacred? (Genesis 2:7)
  3. What is the sixth rule for the Road? (Exodus 20:13)
  4. Read about the first homicide in Genesis 4:1-12 and answer the following questions:
  5. Who were the first two sons of Adam and Eve?
  6. Why was the one son’s sacrifice to God accepted and the other’s sacrifice rejected?
  7. What was the intense emotion that Cain experienced?
  8. What do we learn from Genesis 4:7?
  9. What did Cain do to his brother? What did God ask him? What was his reply?
  10. What was the penalty or punishment that Cain got for committing the act of murder?
  11. What are the results of anger when it is allowed to run out of control? Who is responsible for your anger?
  12. Talk about some healthy ways to handle anger instead of some unhealthy ways of handling anger.

Some tough questions we have to answer in our world

The sixth rule for the Road: “You shall not murder.” Is it ever right to take another person’s life?

  1. What about war?
  2. What about capital punishment?
  3. What about abortion?
  4. How has the 1973 Supreme Court ruling affected our nation’s attitude about life?
  5. Is the fetus a human being or not? What does genetic science show? What does medical science show? What do x-rays show? What does ultrasound show?
  6. If the fetus is a human being, then abortion on demand for convenience is what?
  7. What about suicide? What does 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 say? If someone commits suicide, which is all mixed up in their mind, how does God provide for that person’s sin of suicide?

What about euthanasia? Is it ever right? Why do you think so? How do you feel about people being kept alive on machines?

Uhmmmm! good questions for the Road. Try to be honest with the answers. Have a blessed Day. See you tomorrow with Rule No. 7 by God’s Grace

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