Building Sexual Assault Advocacy Key Competencies 2


¨ Gender

¨ Age

¨ Culture

¨ Education/Work status

¨ Past/concurrent trauma or victimization

¨ Physical Health

¨ Disability

¨ Primary language

¨ Citizenship status

¨ Substance abuse or mental health issues

¨ Housing situation

¨ Economic status

¨ Membership in an oppressed community


¨ Severity/Repetition of the Trauma

¨ The more significant the trauma’s magnitude, the greater the likelihood of PTSD.

¨ Nature of the Trauma

¨ Relationship to perpetrator


¨ Response to the initial outcry

¨ Parental support

¨ Fear of prejudicial treatment of abuser

¨ Law enforcement and medical response

¨ Fear of publicity

¨ Social/familial support

¨ Fear of family fracture

Survivors with Multiple Needs & Victimizations

¨ Sexual violence across the lifespan

¨ Long term effects of sexual trauma

¤ Issues that are correlated to or caused by sexual violence

¨ Overlapping services in some cases and very distinct services in others

¤ SA survivor who is also a survivor of DV

¤ SA survivors that are homeless, dependent on drugs/alcohol, or have mental health diagnoses

¨ SA survivors often do not go to a DV agency for SA services, just as a DV victim would not go to an RCC to get her needs met.

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