A Solipsism of Intuition (1)

As a spiritual organ, Intuition is a faculty of the human spirit. Humankind worships God through the faculty of Communion, and God reveals or responds to humankind through the faculty of Intuition.

Solipsism is the theory that only the self is authentic and that the self cannot be aware of anything else except itself. Other words for Solipsism include Egoism, Ipseity, Self-absorption, and Egocentricity.

The father of Solipsism is Rene Descartes (1596-1650), the French mathematician, physicist, and “father of modern philosophy.” He made Solipsism a central issue in philosophy. Since Solipsism has to do with how we learn and know, it concerns cognitive psychology.

Intuition is more than a metaphor to trust original thinking. Rudolf Steiner’s ‘moral intuition’ is always a new thought. When you use Intuition the second time, it becomes convention or conformity. And it is done without a God. Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom is not esoteric, and it merely points at intuitions, describing every corner of habitual instincts and rational convention. Ethical individualism believes the man is destined to find his moral identity in his thinking and morals. An important matter to note is the moral dynamism of a promise or the dimension of trust, to doubt or not accept an intuition.

Using Philosophical lenses and not spiritual, Intuition is the apex of evolutionary emancipation and not intelligence or thinking. The feeling of morals or instincts is not overcome. To optimize the moral nature, one has to cure being wrong-principled. Or have better quality and quantity of intuitions. Or they are staying morally unconventional in a future life of a community that turns around traditional systems. Intuitions are moral only if one wants them, and their truth does not guarantee acceptance by other people.

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